Trying to Find a Balance

I originally wanted to title my blog “Trying to Find a Balance” -after the song by Atmosphere- but I opted not to on account of it not being clear that this is a blog about the joys of veganism. That song does pump you up for an intense workout-if anyone is interested in knowing.

Today is a good morning indeed; I slept in and then prepared the tastiest smoothie. It was inspired by a recipe on Ani Phyo’s website, however it is much more simple (because I don’t own a high speed blender) and it is not raw (because I don’t own a high speed blender). I’ve been craving dreamsicles after seeing KidzDream orange cream smoothies at the store. Being as cheap as I am, I opted to make my own instead.

One banana, one valencia orange, one and a half cups almond milk; blend it up.

The three simple ingredients

The three simple ingredients

And the result is delicious:

Sadly almost finished

Sadly almost finished

I don’t know how some of you manage to take pictures before diving in.

Off to hit the work out center. And what will be on my ipod? Atmosphere, of course!


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