Something old, something new…

…nothing borrowed, nothing blue, but some delicious edibles.

One of the first vegan blogs I had ever read was Katie’s when she was CCV. Now she is ChocolateCoveredKatie and I am a loyal reader still. She is having a new-food-contest. EVERYONE- go check it out; not only do you get a chance to win a prize, you get to expand your food horizons! I’d love to supply a link to Katie’s blog but I just do not know how…yet.

Next time I hit Whole Foods (which I’m hoping will be very soon) I am going to purchase the oddest item I can find in honor of her contest.

In the mean time, Trader Joe’s organic ketchup! I was never a big fan of ketchup and wanted to vomit every time I saw my brother drowning everything he consumed with it, however I purchased sweet potatoes from TJ’s to make fries with and I just couldn’t ignore their call to be topped with ketchup. The fries (which should be called chips considering that was their shape) were wonderful with this devine ketchup straight up for dipping.

I am not a girl who wants to go shoe shopping, I want to drool over shelf upon shelf of FOOD. I love TJ’s (the one-stop-shop dream for vegans. From vegan friendly shampoos/conditioners, soaps, vitamins, of course FOOD, plus more wonderful thangs. I cannot go there enough. Let’s just say the employees know me by name, profession, diet, and mentrual cycle-joke on the latter.) and if you have never been, I suggested you go immediately.

Another store I do enjoy is Whole Foods where I found these vegan treasures. Look how pretty:

One pineapple and one raspberry enrobed in delicious dark chocolate

One pineapple and one raspberry enrobed in delicious dark chocolate

They were unbelievable – for a buck 79 a piece they better be. The silky chocolate wrapped around the oozing fruity center was pure joy.

Bare with me, I am not computer savvy whatsoever. This thing I am calling a blog is going to be a slow and steady work in progress. Any suggestions, comments, questions are more than welcome.


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